Saturday, May 5, 2012

Women Gearheads? Do They Really Exist?

I just finished reading a blog article on, one of my favorite blogs, entitled "10 Ways to Inspire Women Gearheads" and I started thinking, there must be more women "gearheads" out there!  But, where are they and why don't we see a lot more of them?

My own experience isn't that different than most, at least I don't think it is.  My appreciation for cars dates all the way back to my very early childhood.  I was the "first born" of the grandchildren and, I suppose, a little bit of a disappointment to my grandfather, who obviously, would have preferred a grandson.... But, being the trooper that he was, and not about to let a little thing like the "Y chromosome" put a damper in his day, grandpa just decided to make the best of it!  He raised his little "tomboy" just like any other grandfather would. Point being, I learned to fish, hunt, and last, but not least, turn a wrench with the best of them!  Yup, grandpa loved his cars, and, by the time I was old enough to get a grip on my Craftsman 1/4" socket, so did I...

I think the stigma that the only people who like to get greasy or who give a damn about the foot lbs. of torque being produced by the rumble under their hoods are men, has always been something that men have been trying to create!  In fact, I'm not so sure that the stigma ever really existed... Somehow, all the hype about cars and motors and horse-power and other automotive cliche have managed to escape the gender war.  Now, admittedly, most mechanical ads and advertisements for auto parts and such will usually show a picture of a "male" working on the car or motor involved,instead of a woman, but, the reason for that is quite different than the fact that women are not really interested in cars!

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My thoughts on this are that men are afraid to let women into that elite society of beer drinking and garage socializing because if they let us into that little niche, they won't be able to use the "honey, I'm heading over to soandso's garage to work on his whatever" to escape without the little woman! Right? Seriousy, think about it. If the "little woman" was just as juberant about tweaking someone's "ported head intake to exhaust ratio", she just might want to go with him! Now, that could cause some real problems if hubby was just lookin to get out with the boys and throw down a couple beers while watching the "rear end" of some blonde walkin down the street while making immature gestures and whistling noises.....LOL! :)

I think a lot more women are into their cars more than we think.  Maybe not quite into the nitty, gritty of high performance tuning and things of that nature, but, definitely into the way their cars look AND drive.  I have a couple girlfriends that can change oil with the best of em' and do so on a regular basis!  Probably more from a "saving money" standpoint than a "like to get greasy just for the sake of it", but, still they change their own oil and check the fluids and whatever else one does when taking care of those types of chores.  And, of course, there are lots of women who shop the auto parts and accessory stores for neat little things to "spruce up" ol' Betsy and just make her "look nicer".   Most of these stores actually cater to women for some of these items and you'll find lots of floor mats, seat covers, steering wheel covers and a host of other accessories geared toward women nowadays!  I've even seen complete "make-over" kits for cars with hot pink, flower covered, prints and other "girlie" type designs.

So, don't underestimate the power of your woman, guys!  If you really want us to get out there and get dirty with you, all you have to do is ask!  I'd venture to guess that at least half of the women out there have more automobile knowledge than they let on.  I think many women would be more than happy to join you at your friend's garage and do a little beer drinking while watching your drunken friends try and make their Honda's go faster!

Let's hear from some of our readers out there!  Tell us what you think!  Let's hear from some women gearheads too!  I'll be there's a lot more women around that can appreciate the smell of a good, "high-octane" top fuel nitro mix.  Hmmm, that might even make a good perfume idea!

Happy Motoring!

Larry and Dee

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