Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring Time IS Auction Time!

To all of our readers who've become interested in the auction scene since we introduced Iron Planet Motors a month or so ago, I decided to run a monthly regular article at the beginning of each month showing the monthly schedule for Iron Planet Motors, our auction affiliate.  You'll find this feature at the beginning of each month so you can plan your auction buying ahead of time.

As we told you in the last couple of articles, Iron Planet Motors Auctions is a great auction for beginners and seasoned auction buyers alike.  And, their easy-to-use sign-up forms are always available here on our blog.  With easy to read reports of all the auction vehicles, a super support team, and transportation and financing help, you couldn't ask for anything more!  They are definitely our choice for auction buyers everywhere.  Couple that with their IronClad Assurance program that assures buyers that the vehicles have been quality inspected, and their new Mobile App, you just can't beat the great service they offer. 

IronPlanet Motors MotorcyclesAlong with our monthly auction report, we'd love to feature some of the vehicles that our readers have purchased.  Send us pictures of your purchases and tell us about your auction experiences. 

 Buying at auction, whether you buy on-line or go to the auction, is always lots of fun.  It's exciting to participate and even more exciting to win an auction.  Along with the excitement, there are always good buys available and auctions are always a great way to save money, especially when you are looking for a special vehicle or something that might be a little out of the ordinary.  When looking for special vehicles or vehicles that are hard to find, keep in mind that auctions, like Iron Planet Motors, give you the opportunity to broaden your shopping area and still be able to rely on their reports to know that you're getting a good solid vehicle even though it may be too far away to look at in person.

See you at the next auction!

Larry and Dee

IronPlanet Motors Cars


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