Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Sunshine and Your Car's Finish! How to Save Your Paint!

Summer is my favorite season.  Fun in the sun, vacations, and all kinds of great things to do.  Now, we all know that protecting ourselves from the Sun has become a very important issue for our Summer activities.  Depending on where you live, the Sun can really do some damage if you're not careful!  Here in Florida, the Sunshine State, everyone knows the advantages of sunscreen.  Without it, you can turn a fun day in the Sun into a very painful evening!

You car, truck, or motorcycle has the same problem.  You vehicle's paint is subject to extremely intense heat and the same UV rays that we protect ourselves from during the Summer months.  Those UV rays and heat can really do some damage without proper protection.  Although most "clear coat" finishes do have some protection from UV rays built in, during the intense heat of the Summer, it's just not enough.

Protecting your vehicle's finish from the Sun and it's damaging effects is easy to do and very affordable.  Definitely more affordable than re-painting your car!  We've all seen what can happen to a finish when left in the Sun's heat.  Peeling clear coats and dull finishes are not at all pretty.  And, they can be easily avoided.

Using a wax on your finish that offers UV protection is one way to combat the Sun's damaging effects.  There are many waxes and finish protection products on the market today that offer great protection from the UV rays of the Sun.  Wax will also condition the finish and keep it looking great all year round! 

Here at LDJ Auto Body, we recommend using a high quality carnuba based wax like Meguiar's to keep you finish looking great for years.  These products come in many forms and are easy to apply.  It's definitely time well spent when it comes to keeping your vehicle's paint looking new. 

When applying wax to your vehicle, start with a clean, dry, finish.  Wash the finish first to remove any road residue, bugs, tar, and dust from the finish.  Dry the vehicle with a shammy.  Be sure to move the car to a place that is out of the Sun.  Depending on what product you choose, apply the product according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  Some finish protectants are a one-step process where you simply wipe the product on and rub till it's absorbed.  And, some require that you wipe the product on, allow it to dry, and then wipe it off.  In either case, be sure to use a very soft cloth or pad that is recommended for the product that you're using.  Make sure that there is no dust or particles in the cloth or pad that will scratch the finish.

It's just that simple!  Now your car, truck, or motorcycle is ready to take you to all those fun destinations the Summer Season has to offer!  Check out our "Finish Care Products" page to find some great deals on all kinds of products to keep your vehicle's finish looking great. 

Happy Motoring!

Larry and Dee Blackman
LDJ Auto Body & Custom Shop
Gibsonton, FL

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