Monday, January 23, 2012

Restoration Project 1966 Impala Super Sport! Watch Her Makeover Here!

Our newest restoration project is a 1966 Impala Super Sport.  She will be getting a complete makeover here at LDJ!  The restoration will be done using all original parts as she is in pretty good condition for her age!  This car should bring back some memories for a lot of our readers!  She is wearing the traditional Chevrolet "aqua blue" here!  A favorite of the '60's era.  When finished, she'll be done in a "mico metal-flake black". 

This great car along with most of her counter-parts for that era is constructed of heavy gauge steel, and we do mean "heavy"!  She has some rust in the usual places for a car of this age and the main concern will be removing all traces of that rust in the lower doors, rocker panels and the lower quarters.  As you can see in the pictures, she has been preserved remarkably well and the rust is at a minimum!  All rust holes will be patched with heavy gauge metal welded to cover the holes.

The car was brought in with all of the mouldings, door handles, bumpers most of the emblems in place.  A real blessing for a vehicle this age as finding some of those items can be a real chore.  The window glass is also in great shape, again saving a lot of footwork trying to find original glass for a car of this vintage.  However, window glass can be made by most glass companies to fit vehicles like these, so if your project is missing any glass work, you can call any large auto glass company and get something to fit the bill if you're not having any luck on the Internet.  Original mouldings and emblems are usually available on the Internet.  However, there are some aftermarket suppliers that can provide you with substitues.  A list of these suppliers will be posted in our next article.

The tail lamps, head lamps and even the marker lights are still on the vehicle, again saving a lot of time in having to procure them elsewhere.  But, once again, although finding these parts as originals can be somewhat of an exhausting search, replacements are available through some suppliers, so don't give up if you're having some trouble locating what you need.  We'll be supplying some links here that should prove useful if you're looking for some hard to find parts for your own project.
The hood of our project is one piece that will need some extra attention.  It is an extremely heavy hood and it contains rust holes that will cause a problem in the finished project.  This is due to the fact that the hood is extremely flat and filling or patching the holes and maintaining the perfectly flat surface may take more time and labor than replacing the hood itself.  You can also see that the hood itself has sprung slightly and bending a hood of this gauge is difficult and sometimes not possible.  We'll be running a compelte article on this and other problems you might encounter with your project soon, so be sure to check back often or register now if you haven't already done so. 

This will be the first of our tutorials on restoration projects in 2012.  Register now for automatic updates and don't miss out on some great information to help you with your own project!  You'll get great information on products, techniques and much more with pictures that will let you see exactly what happens along with an explanation from our technicians.

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Larry and Dee Blackman
LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop

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