Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Chrome Motorcycle Accessories! Big Look for Small Change!

It's the little things in life that really make a difference!  Ever go to a bike event or even a biker bar and look in the parking lot?  Lot's of bikes look alike....baggers, sporty's, jap bikes, Harley's....they all seem to blend in.  Then, suddenly, you see the beauty of one that really catches your eye!  What's the difference?  Look closely and you'll see....

Many bikes just need a little bling to really spice up the look!  Something as small as a little chrome on a handlebar, the shiny eagle on the gas tank cover and sometimes, the careful placement of all of these things just seems to make the bike! 

Dressing up your "dresser" doesn't have to be expensive!  Check out some of these items from Cruiser Customizing. 

You can find all the best accessories right here in one place!  And, Cruiser Customizing has the best prices and the greatest deals around.

Most of these items can be installed in minutes using simple tools everyone has.  They also offer you a means of "personalizing" your bike and letting you express the real, riding you without spending an arm and a leg!

From license plate brackets to headlight visors! They're all great ways to spice up your ride!

Spring is around the corner.  Get your bike shined up and ready to go now!  Be the first one on the block to "brighten" your driveway!  You know what they say about the "lead dog"!  Don't be a follower....make your own statement today and let your neighbors follow you!

Mirror's are not only a necessity for safe riding, but, also a great place to mount some chrome!  Even braided lines can add some accent and afford strength, durabilty and.....yup, even beauty!

Don't forget, LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop is ready to install any of your new bling at prices that match the great deals you get with Cruiser Customizing!

And, it's not ALL about the chrome!  There's much more available to make your personal statement.  Although chrome is great, there are other accessories out there to let "you be you"! How about a custom color winshield?  Memphis Shades has your color at prices that will make your head spin!  Check them out here!

From "saddles" to "saddle bags", transform your beast into a beauty!

With Cruiser Customizing and LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop, you can transform your ride into a "work of art" all at a price that won't bust your budget!

LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop & Cruiser stop, one shop for... and installation!

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