Friday, November 4, 2011

Selling Your Vehicle? How to Cost Effectively Increase It's Value!

There's an old saying, "you have to spend money to make money".  This statement is especially true in the the automotive industry.  However, it doesn't have to cost you an "arm and a leg".  Taking some simple steps to increase the value of your vehicle can drastically add to the price someone is willing to pay for your car, truck, suv, or motorcycle.  Here are some ideas to help you get the most money when selling yours....

Looks are everything!  You can have the most reliable vehicle in the world, but, if it looks like it's been neglected, that is exactly what your prospective buyers will think!  Improving the overall appearance of your vehicle will gain you mega dollars in your bottom line.  Dull, oxidized paint, peeling clear coats, and cracked mirrors and light lenses are the first things your buyer will see!  Repairing these "sale killers" doesnt' have to be expensive.  Plastic light lenses are inexpensive and are easily obtainable for most vehicles.  Shop around for the "best price" when replacing these as the prices fluctuate from supplier to supplier.  Check out the suppliers right here on this page to see the best prices for these and other "appearance enhancing" accessories before you list your vehicle for sale.  Cracked mirrors, missing weather stripping, and other seemingly minor items scream "I don't care" to the potential new owner.  Unlike picking out a puppy from the shelter, you car's new owner isn't going to feel sorry for it and want to give it a new home!

Another big, price lowering fault, is dull, oxidized paint and peeling clear coats  Even though these things don't affect the performance of the vehicle in any way, the way a person's car looks makes a big statement about the owner!  Especially with a younger, inexperienced buyer or first time car-buyer.  Young people like to look good in their cars and dull paint and peeling clear coats take away from the overall look of the car.  An inexpensive way to improve dull paint is to have the car professionally buffed. Hand buffing is sometimes acceptable for minor oxidation on newer paint.  But, machine buffing with a good quality compound is always the best way to go!  LDJ offers a detail package that includes compound machine buffing that will run somewhere around $100 or less for most average sized vehicles (larger vehicles and suv's and trucks may run slighly more and motorcycles slightly less)  and will gain you much, much more than that on the sale of your vehicle.  That $100 dollars can get you up to $300 to $500 on your sale!  A small price to pay for a 3x return on your investment! 

Peeling clear coats are a little more expensive to repair. Depending on the age of your vehicle, repairing the clear coat is one way of drastically improving the bottom line on a newer vehicle.  LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop's certified painters can repair your clear coat without having to paint the whole vehicle!  Our 100% color matching system and experienced professionals will strip off the peeled areas and blend the newly painted areas to accurately match even the most sun-faded paint job!

Interior detailing is also important.  Make sure your vehicle's interior looks "inviting"!  You know yourself how much better you feel when driving your car right after your give it a good interior vacuuming and cleaning.  Your potential buyer feels the same!  Professional detailing can save you a lot of time and really improve the look of your vehicle's interior.  Most detail packages include shampooing of carpets and upholstery and the application of leather or vinyl dressing to give your interior that "brand new" look!  Don't forget the little things like floor mats, ash trays, cigarette lighters and any other little items that might be missing or just need attention!  Missing door lock knobs and window handle knobs or levers are a serious turn-off!  Check out the ads right here on this page
for links to our favorite car care products, accessories, and the suppliers that will give you the best prices if you want to do it yourself!

Motorcycle owners!  Check out our complete cycle detailing packages!  Whether you're selling your bike or just want to make her scream "look at me" at that weekend rally or poker run, LDJ's detail pro's will make her
shine so bright you're gonna need shades! Bring your vehicle to us for a professional evaluation of how we can help you get the most money from the sale of your car, truck, suv, or motorcycle!  The estimte is free! Check out our newest coupons and deals on our listing at Merchant Circle and save even more money on all of our services!

Good Luck and Happy Selling!

Larry and Dee

LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop
Gibsonton, FL


  1. We'd love to hear your comments! Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions of your own on how to increase the net value of a sale vehicle.

  2. One way to increase the sale value on your vehicle is to have an extended auto warranty on it. The warranty will help cover repairs and attract buyers for that reason. Good luck!

    1. We couldn't agree with you more. Buying an extended warranty in these economic times only makes sense, espcially when you are talking about a relatively newer vehicle where the original warranty has just worn out. Although we do our best to keep our rates as low as possible, it is still very expensive to replace major components in today's newer vehicles.

      Great comment!


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