Friday, November 4, 2011

LDJ Announces the Delay of Proposed Merger Indefinitely

Larry Blackman announced today that the proposed merger between LDJ Auto Body and Mechanical and Denney's Auto Body has been posponed indefinitely.  According to Mr. Blackman, "We (the individual owner's of the existing businesses) have some irreconsilable differences right now.  We are just not seeing eye to eye on some things and that will make it impossible to move forward at this time.  We wish Pat (Denney) all the luck in his business and we'll continue to work with them (Denney's Auto).  It's just not the right time to move forward with any joining of our businesses at this time." 

Moving forward, LDJ Auto Body and Mechanical has opened a new location, also located in Gibsonton, FL.  The new site, located at 10915 East Bay Rd., Gibsonton, FL, will provide all types of automotive services including auto body and collision repair and painting, mechanical repairs, and a new interior and exterior detailing service center.  The detailing service center is a new service at LDJ and offers complete professional detailing services at extremely reasonable rates.  Boasting professional machine buffing, glazing and machine waxing, the full service exterior package claims to be able to "restore the original factory luster to dull, oxidized paint and eliminate the need for repainting vehicles that have simply lost their sheen due to sun fading, fine swirls and scratches and simple oxidation."  The average price for a medium sized sedan exterior detail package starts at around $100.00.  A real savings over the average cost of a total repaint which has an industry average of starting around $1,000.00 or more!  Dee Blackman, Larry Blackman's wife and manager of the new facility says the package is designed for people who are selling their vehicles or who simply want to improve the overall look of their vehicle.  "Our full exterior car detail package offers owner's a way to seriously improve the look of their vehicle without the cost of re-painting.  We use all professional quality products right down to the Carnuba wax and that will help protect the newly restored finish for quite some time.  Owner's can expect the service to last for approximately a year and the service can be repeated many times without the need for re-painting.  "It's a great way for owner's to protect their vehicle's paint and keep the car looking new.  And also a great way to add value to the car when selling the vehicle." Blackman said.

Other new services at the faciltiy include the addition of "custom accessories".  LDJ is now affiliated with several accessory suppliers and offers all kinds of custom accessories from complete interiors to chrome accessories for motorcycles and cruisers.  "We offer deep discounts to our accessory customers on the purchase and installation of all our new accessories."  "You can find links to our new affiliates at our newest blog page and website, LDJ Auto Body's Car, Truck and Motorcycle News."  You can also find us at Here, you'll find a complete description of everything available at LDJ.

LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop truly is a "one stop shop for everything automotive" just like the motto implies.  You can reach Larry and Dee Blackman at the main phone number, (813) 644-4497.  LDJ is open Monday thru Friday, 9:00 AM till 4:30 PM and also open on weekends.  Sunday appointments are also available, but, call ahead as the weekend slots fill up fast! 


  1. How much does it cost to get a car estimate at an auto body repair shop?Do auto body shops usually charge for estimates of damages?

  2. Auto body:

    All body shops are different, but, most ligitimate body shops will either give you a free estimate of your repairs or charge you a nominal fee that is refundable if you have the car fixed at their facility. In some instances where the damage can be excessive, as in the case of some bad front end hits, the vehicle MAY need to be torn down extensively to properly assess ALL the damage. In these cases, the shop will usually have to charge you for the tear down simply because there is so much work involved in doing so. But, in those cases, the shop can give you a pretty good idea of what the estimate would be BEFORE the teardown thus giving you the option to make an informed decision BEFORE you proceed with the teardown. Most insurance companies give an allowance for these tear down fees. Make sure to check with your insurance company before allowing any teardown work to be done on your vehicle.

    Always ask the shop owner in advance what the estimate will cost. Most estimate fees run from $10 to $25 or so. Always ask if the fee is refundable if they (the shop) does the repairs.

    At LDJ, our estimates are always free if you bring the vehicle to us. We charge a $25 fee to do an estimate on site, which is refundable if we fix the car. This fee is simply to cover the cost of the technicians time and fuel to get to the site.

    Hope this helps! Feel free to get back to us if you need anything further.

    Thanks for reading!

    Dee Blackman
    LDJ Auto Body and Custom Shop
    Gibsonton, FL


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