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Car, Trucks, and SUVs Reviewed By The People That Drive Them!

Vehicle Reviews Written By The People That Matter The Most

The People That Own Them!

Researching a vehicle before you buy is a great way to avoid costly mistakes and also narrow down the zillions of ads that are available to us via the Internet, classifieds, and more.  Knowing what you want before you start looking can save you lots of time and unnecessary driving.  It can also help you head in the right direction when it comes to price, comfort, and a myriad of other things that are important when it comes to buying a vehicle.

Many people choose to read reviews of the vehicle's they are interested i,n hoping to find the 'best' and the 'worst' of the type of vehicle they are looking for.  Reviews are a great way to learn about vehicles.  What kind of motor configurations are available, colors, sports editions vs. luxury editions, and lots more.  But, most reviews are written by "professional reviewers", and, well, a professional reviewer is "just that", a professional.  

These reviewers are hand picked by the manufacturer's, flown to their destinations first-class, given a vehicle configured by the manufacturer, and wined and dined while they are putting together their "journalistic" comments about the vehicle in question.  I love reading reviews done by the pros because they (the pros), do a great job making sure that they cover all the important things we're interested in, like motor size, options available, and, last but not least, price.

However, we always have to remember that these reviews are done by professionals and not someone who just went out and bought the car, truck, or suv, drove it for awhile, and, then decided to put their reactions to the whole experience down on paper.  They are paid to do what they do.

Yesterday, while going through my "social networking" tasks, (a task which is getting longer and longer by the day I might mention), I came across a site that is dedicated to vehicle reviews done by the folks that own them!  What a great idea.  These reviews are done by people just like you and me.  These "reviewers" actually own the vehicles they are reviewing.  They are not "special" vehicles that have been 'customized' by the manufacturer to be the "ultimate" vehicle.  They are "real" vehicles.  The kind that people like you and I are going to end up with if we buy one.

The site is called Car User Reviews and you can find it at  This is a great place to do your research when looking for a specific vehicle.  You can look up the vehicles by type or by manufacturer.  But, the best part is, the reviews are as real as they get.  They are also, for the most part, concise and to the point.  

Who could be more "brutally honest" than the person who went out and spent their hard earned dollars for their dream vehicle?  That's right! NO ONE!  I mean, if you want to find out about a specific kind of vehicle and get the truth, ask someone who owns one, right?  That's exactly what this site is all about.

Car User Reviews also reviews car dealerships!  That's can look up the reviews for dealerships in your area and find out which ones people love and which ones, well, not so much.... Anyway, it's a great site that you really should check out, especially if you're in the market for a new or used vehicle.

It's also a place where you can voice your own opinion.  Have something to say about the car, truck, or suv that you own?  Tell it like it is!  You can even tell everyone about the experience you had buying your vehicle if you bought it at a dealership.

So, the next time you need some info regarding a specific vehicle, head on over to Car User Reviews and check it out.  

You could save yourself some money, time, and even the grief of not making the same mistake someone else already has.  I think it's a great idea.

Finding out as much as you can before you purchase a vehicle is the best way to avoid headaches.  Running a vehicle's history report is also a good way to ensure that the car, truck, or suv you are looking at is worth your hard earned dollars.  Protect yourself from hidden problems. AutoCheck® vehicle history report for only $29.99.

Happy Motoring!
Larry and Dee Blackman
LDJ Auto Body & Mechanical, Gibsonton, FL

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  1. Nice review! I would pay some for a service like this. When it comes to expensive things such a these, it's important to get an inkling of what you're trying to purchase.


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