Saturday, April 21, 2012

Are You A Muscle Car Fanatic? Don't Miss This!

I've spent a little time here talking to you about auctions and how you can find things in an auction that you simply won't find anywhere else.  Muscle car enthusiasts should take a particular interest here.

Muscle cars are a breed all their own.  Started by Oldsmobile in 1949 with the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 which featured America's first high compression overhead valve V8 in the smaller and lighter Oldsmobile 76 body (originally designed for a six-cylinder motor).  Born in a time when gas was cheap, cars were more popular than ever, and the "need for speed" was moving faster than "John Force in the quarter mile", the muscle car began it's evolution.

For the true "muscle car aficionado", auctions are indeed the sales venue of choice.  I introduced you to Iron Planet Motors as a starting block for auctions because they cater to those new to the auction and are a great place to "get your feet wet" and learn the auction process.  Although they are easy to work with for the beginner, Iron Planet Motors is one of the largest auction houses in the world and features excellent, well run, auctions of every kind, including "online auctions" regularly.  And, they too feature "muscle cars" in their events. 

Mecum Auctions is yet another extremely large auction house which is very simple and easy to work with.  Mecum offers two ways to bid at their auctions.  Either on-site at the auction or by telephone.  Mecum's auctions are exciting, and for those that can't make it to the auction site, they offer "live simulcasts" and "telephone bidding", the next best thing to being there!  Although they offer auction events of every kind, Mecum Auctions does a large amount of "muscle car auctions" that will have our muscle car enthusiasts jumping for joy!  Mecum often offers "whole private collections" at auction.  Find out more about Mecum Auctions and sign up for Mecum InfoNet, a free service that will help you manage their events and help you keep track of what you're watching at Mecum.

Here is a little beauty that Mecum sent me to take a look at.  Lot 350 at Dana Mecum's 25th Original Spring Classic Auction, scheduled for May 15-20, is 1970 Chevrolet Yenko Deuce

LT1, 4-Speed! This gorgeous car is only one of the many muscle cars offered by Mecum at the auction to be held in Indy. It's cars like this that keep muscle car fanatics going to the auctions!  And, with whole private collections sometimes going on the block, keeping an eye on the auction houses can be fun and exciting!
Vehicle history report services are provided by many companies and are available via the internet. Bidders are responsible for deciding whether or not to purchase a vehicle history report.

With Mecum, the seller will afford every opportunity for the bidder to view all lots prior to sale. However the purchaser must understand that he/she is buying property entirely upon his own or his agent's examination and opinion prior to the auction.  For this reason, purchasing a vehicle's history report is highly recommended. And, ALL BIDS ARE FINAL AT AUCTION There is no "Cooling Off Period." If you are awarded the final bid, ownership changes hands at the drop of the gavel. You own the merchandise and are responsible  for payment in full and Payment is required within ONE HOUR of purchase unless other terms have been pre-arranged.  See all the bidding information terms and conditions here

Once again, these are just some of the awesome items you can find at auctions.  And, don't forget, for a really fantastic auction experience and some "hand-holding" for your first few bids, don't forget to check out Iron Planet Motors.  Our pick for learning the ropes of the auction process.

Till next time, Happy Motoring!

Larry and Dee Blackman


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