Friday, March 23, 2012

LDJ's Car, Truck, and Motorcycle News Announces New Feature Writer / Editor!

I am really excited to tell you all about our new, feature writer! I'd like to introduce you all to Betty Skidmore. Betty is our new feature writer and editor here at The Art of Custom Car and Motorcycle Maintenance AND LDJ Auto Body's Car, Truck, and Motorcycle News!

Betty, like the rest of us here, is a big custom car and motorcycle enthusiast. We're happy to have her shed some new light here! She's a great journalist and will be doing weekly articles at both of our blogs, so make sure to sign up for email updates so you don't miss any of her great humor and well researched articles. Our women readers will enjoy her advice on "do-it-yourself" projects that would make any of our men proud! 

I'm going to try and convince Betty to tell you the story of how her ex-husband helped her "choose" the bike he bought for her, but, I know I certainly would never be able to tell it like she does!  I'm sure she'll share that and many more of her great stories with you!  All kidding aside, Betty is a great asset here and we're all very proud to have her on the staff. 

Betty's first article here on cleaning that awful oxydation off your headlights is a great example of some of the things you can look forward to. Toothpaste Betty?? Who would have ever thought!

Make sure to send your comments and suggestions! As always, we love to hear from our readers. Let us know what's on your mind and we'll do our best to accomodate any requests.

Don't forget to check out the latest article at, LDJ Auto Body's Car, Truck, and Motorcycle News for some great information on auctions. Spring is a great time to add to your collection of toys and auctions are a fantastic and fun way to find some unbelievable deals!

Also, don't forget to check out our brand new Parts and Accessories Store and our new Truck Owner's Only page! Here you'll find the best deals in auto parts, truck parts, and accessories. We do our homework so you don't have to! We'll post the latest, greatest offers and coupons to help you save on all your auto parts and accessory shopping!

Check back often for the latest news from Betty, Dee, Larry and the crew!  Till next time, we'll leave the light on for ya!

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