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Tips for Buying the Most Appropriate Car Insurance. Advice From the Experts!

The following article was written for our blog by Brad Brennan, auto repair industry expert, blog author and founder of BKListings.com, 02/13/2012 All rights reserved.  Brad is also author of the BK Listings Blog.


Finding the right car insurance is an exercise in patience.  There are multiple factors you have to consider when searching.  If you’re anything like my girlfriend you will be trying to weigh all factors and options before picking your perfect policy.  If you’re anything like me you’ll spend about 20 minutes Googling and then wing it.  If you’re reading this article I’m assuming you’re more like my lovely counterpart.  What’s to follow are pointers and information to help you in the process of finding that perfect policy.
First, decide what coverage is necessary for your situation.  As we have discussed in previous articles you have to weigh really only three factors – what is your budget, what is your probability of your vehicle being damaged, and how much peace of mind are you comfortable paying for.  The first factor is really the most important of the three because if you’d don’t have the money for any more than PLPD then it doesn’t really matter if you have a high chance of incurring damage to your vehicle or if you are a worry wart.  The second factor may seem arbitrary but you could put together a rough estimate by Googling crime rates in your area.  The third factor is much more subjective – how covered do you want to feel and how much are you willing to value the time you would be wasting with hassles in the future.  If you have the money and are living in an area with high accident or vandalism rates then consider looking for more complete coverage.
Next, consider what other insurance policies you have or need and look into bundling them.  A common example is to bundle car, home, and life insurances.  Bundling provides many advantages when you’re attempting to drive premiums and deductibles lower since the insurance companies have a broader base to take profits from you and therefore a reduced need to maximize profits on any one policy.
The most appropriate insurance is essentially one that fits your budget and caters to your needs. This ideal insurance policy takes into account the value of your car and protects it from the inside out. The most appropriate policy should give you peace of mind without costing your arm.  In the end, insurance policy preferences are dependent upon your unique situation. 
If you’re really into doing homework you can take this search one step further.  Once you’ve decided on a few policy choices take the terms from each insurance company and drop it off at an agent of a different insurance company.  If there are holes in the contract or if you can get a better deal then your best chance of figuring it out is to let competing companies find it for you.  Or you can just Google for 20 minutes.  Best of luck my friend.

Thanks again Brad for a well written piece!  For those of you who need more information, check out Brad's blog, the BKListings Blog or email him directly bradleybrennan1@gmail.com   .  You can also leave your comments here and all questions and comments pertaining to the above article will be forwarded to Brad Brennan.  Don't forget to check out Brad's site, www.BKListings.com, designed to help consumers find the right shop for them and assist in helping shop owners reach the consumer base they are looking for!  See the original article at "Finding the Right Shop is Easier Than You Think!"

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    1. Be sure you compare several insurance quotes, like you would when wanting to purchase an extended auto warranty, or any other big car purchase.

    2. Thanks Autoled. I agree, comparing quotes is a definite necessity for everything that pertains to insurance these days!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Larry and Dee

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