Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exciting News for All Our Truck Owners! Please click on the "For Truck Owners Only" page button!

We have dedicated a whole page to our truck owners!  Great news for all our do-it-yourself truck owners out there!  Click on the "For Truck Owners Only" page button at the top of this blog to find your own page exclusively for truck owners!

The best products, the best prices, and the best "labor only quotes" for our truck owning customers can now be found there!  You asked for your own page and here it is!

Here, you'll find great news about one of our newest parts affiliates, Stylin Trucks!  They have got a complete site of everything you guys could possibly ever want or need for your truck or suv!  At prices that will make you smile, a big smile at that!!!!

We didn't forget about you, just had to wait for the right supplier to help you with all your truck accessories.

Click now and get ready for Spring....... "Truck Owners Only Page" or just click on the page tab at the top of the home page!

Larry and Dee Blackman
LDJ Auto Body

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